Wednesday 1 October 2008

Posted by Velouria Posted on 15:07 | 4 comments

Feeling like David Beckham

Well, not exactly - I haven't changed my hairstyle, I don't wear my wife's underwear, and my IQ isn't below 70. I have a sore knee, and just like Beckham's metatarsal, it is receiving a lot of attention. Not quite as much attention as the now famous metatarsal that had a nation on the edge of it's seat for several months, but pretty close.
I expect the tabloids to start phoning any minute - I hear "Die Son" ("The Sun") specialises in such trivial news.

To keep myself busy, I have started looking at other hobbies. One that is showing a lot of potential, and that is considerably cheaper than cycling is puzzle building. And I am not talking about those simple puzzles we all did when we were kids. I am talking about the Cape Epic of puzzles, like this:

which is made up of loads of little pictures, like this:
And just to prove that I did finish it (and I am not making this all up), here is a photo:

I find puzzle building to be particularly effective if you have any other things to do that are worth avoiding, and the preferred garb for the seasoned puzzle builder is preferably your pajamas.


  1. If you're not wearing your wife's underwear, who is, last time we saw her she kept on telling us she didn't have it on - and it's not the first time !

  2. Times are tough - we all have had to make sacrifices. That was hers.

  3. So she likes it when you wear her underwear ;)

  4. Sigh - no. No one is wearing her underwear - not even her...

    (Like I said - unlike David Beckham "I don't wear my wife's underwear")