Monday 25 August 2008

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Stanford MTB 2008

A free advert for a great little race (as the current champion, I might be a little biased!)

Join us on Saturday, 20 September 2008, for the annual Stanford Mountain bike race.
This year the race is on Paardenberg Farm, next to Salmonsdam Reserve.
There are 3 races, 5 km, 22 km & 50 km.  They all cover scenic routes, with great views, through the local dairy
and wine farms and over the fynbos mountains.  Sections cover the same route as the 2008 Cape Epic.
Bring the whole family and join us for the day or make a weekend of Stanford’s hospitality.
The start/finish is in the picturesque "akkerbos" on the farm.
Lots to keep you busy - donkey cart rides, tractor rides, local wine, beer for sale.
Bring a picnic or support the local food stalls. (Proceeds support local schools)

Entries on morning of race.
Race times & Entry Fees
50km – starts 9.15 - R60/cyclist
22km – starts 9.30 - R60/cyclist
  5km – starts 9.45 - R20/cyclist
Directions from Stanford:
Take R326 towards Caledon
Drive 5 km to Elim/Papiesvlei turn off
Turn right, drive for 7.2 km to Salmonsdam turnoff. 
Turn left
Drive 3.5 km to Oak Trees

mark – 082 683 6313
kevin – 082 809 3585
mandy – 082 213 0512


  1. Hope the defending champ brings his A game, I hear that there is a snail farming gunning for the top step of the podium. There is a podium right

  2. The defending champ won't be there to defend his title, thanks to a knee injury from TransBaviaans. I hope the snail farmer can improve on last week's (and last year's) result.

    There isn't really a podium, but the ground does slope away, and they let the winner stand on the top end of the slope (in the overgrown grass and wattle trees!)

  3. A new route and venue, with a straw bale for the winner. Snail farmer 1 - IT nerd 1

  4. It doesn't count if the IT nerd wasn't there. (And anyway, I prefer Puzzle Geek).

    So the revised tri-vector scoreboard is:

    Snail Farmer 1 - Town planner 0

    Puzzle Geek 1 - Snail farmer 0

  5. For the record 2 of the 3 3DL were there, don't make your dns my problem, you pajama geek ;)