Tuesday 16 March 2010

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The Results

With the Argus now a memory, the legs starting to feel a little better, and plans already being made for next year, I present the scoreboard:

Name Race
Position Gender
Me 03:08:08 305/28817 282/22533 50/2210 VA 53/234
Craig 03:08:09 306/28817 283/22533 41/3071 VA 54/234
The Tourist (Russell) 03:19:16 810/28817 749/22533 114/3322 VB 151/229
The Greek 03:59:32 5460/28817 4934/22533 813/3071 GG 8/526
Bonte 04:17:22 8355/28817 674/5472 109/745 T 262/466
Yolanda 04:17:22 8358/28817 675/5472 105/712 T 263/466
The Runner 04:23:43 9422/28817 8316/22533 1306/3071 PC 9/375

What the scoreboard doesn't say is just how tough it was:

  • I spent 50kms chasing the back of the VA bunch after getting dropped over Smitswinkel, only catching Craig right on the finish line
  • Yolanda and Bonte had to stop for a puncture that took 8 minutes to fix (they still beat their nemesis, although Yolanda still bears the psychological scars of a good tongue lashing from Bonte!)
  • The wind was howling - The Runner did a valiant job riding solo around the Peninsula
  • The Tourist collapsed in a heap, cramps ripping through his legs as we tried to enjoy a rewarding beer in Kalk Bay
  • The Greek crawling up into a ball in the beer tent, totally exhausted

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  1. Scott Corry aka (you find a name-its your blog)18 March 2010 at 11:05

    Dude, awesome ride! Even with the extra Kilo's you managed to kill me by 5 minutes. I must however admit that I stayed at the bottom of Chappies with Johan (Epic 2009) who was clearly in pain. I nursed him and his cramps to the end and all in all actually enjoyed the ride :) First time in years I spoke to supporters ..... sometimes it's not about the race, the bike or the kit! It's about friends !