Tuesday 17 November 2009

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Makadas Overland Adventure

I'll have a full write up soon - in the meantime enjoy the photos. (Eighteen hours of riding gives me lots of stuff to sift through before I can write it all down)
Nervous anticipation

Trying to tie the map to my bike - after the start of the race

Team Altus Minnie - Julian, Altus, and me

The entire field squeezed together for this photo

The support crew playing a game of cricket

Checkpoint two - 60kms down - 240kms to go!

Some of the wildlife
The cricketers having fun while Megan fords a mighty stream

Going uphill - racing the sun

The long and windy road

Cricketers taking some time out of the game for supper
Lights on and ready for some night riding - 100kms to go

Some very tired cricketers
My favourite photo
Finished - 18h30!

The welcoming party - we had made it

The game continues - day two's play getting underway


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