Tuesday 17 March 2009

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Epic View

The Epic now just 3 days and 21 hours away, and my packing still far from complete. Time to get into action (I also have 2 assignments to do before Friday, but that is another story).

We rode the Prologue Route on Saturday - it is going to be a toughie. It is 20kms long with 600m of climbing, and should take us about an hour. The uphills are tough, but it is the downhills that have me worried. They could end the Epic before the race has even really started. Our strategy is to survive - the Epic doesn't really begin on the first day, but it certainly can end!

I think the idea of hosting the Prologue in the City Bowl is a great idea - the views are superb, both of the Mountain, and of the City. I hope the foreigners take some time to appreciate the view.


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