Friday 6 June 2008

Posted by Velouria Posted on 15:08 | 2 comments

Gutter Road

My personal photographer (Bonte) took these pictures of my most favourite piece of road in the whole world. If you have already forgotten, read all about our daring move on Stage 5 of the Epic.

I think I want to have my ashes scattered alongside this road.

What a thing of beauty!

Now why couldn't the whole Epic be on roads like this?


  1. You didn't tell them about the nast little breaze that was blowing !

  2. Sorry - let me explain: the whole point for riding in the gutter, is to prevent the rider behind from riding in your slipstream when the wind is blowing from the side. It means that everyone has to work just as hard to keep up. The only person who didn't know too much about the wind was ctd though ;)